The list below is only a sampling of plans we are prepared to process as your representative.  We will work to ensure that all documents, reports, and plans receive our utmost attention.  We will keep you informed as to project status and any issues that may affect the permitting process, such as agency delays caused by staff workload, holidays, or anything that could potentially impact obtaining permit approval.One item that is often overlooked is the generally accepted CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY provision. Any information regarding projects will always remain confidential unless there is specific written permission from an authorized company agent or company representative.

Street improvement plans

On-site private infrastructure

Grading plans, rough and precise

Storm Water Protection Plan

Infrastructure plans

Traffic impact studies

Traffic striping and signal plans

Tract maps, parcel maps, subdivision maps


The Hotel at Mandalay

Hualapai Commons

E.Side Cannery Hotel Casino

Fort Apache Commons


CES is a privately owned company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our objective is to provide our clients with confidence, guidance and security as they go through the complex and often confusing process of submitting civil engineering plans to required agencies with the goal of obtaining plan and permit approval.CES is unique in that our focus is to get the job done as expeditiously as possible, and most importantly, within the contract budget. Additionally, our commitment to you is that we will not contract to process more plans than is feasible to manage at any one time. It is our intent and promise to you that your project will always receive our full and adequate attention. Our most important job and our only job is to provide you with a one stop processing service. We are specifically tailored to the processing of civil improvement plans through the various city, county, state and other local jurisdictions such as Clark County Department of Aviation, the Southern Nevada Health District and others as necessary.

Joe Peck

Joe Peck


Regarding my background and qualifications, I have lived and worked in Las Vegas since mid-1993 to the present. My work history has been varied over that period but always within my chosen field of Civil Engineering. My experience includes work as a civil designer, senior civil designer, project designer, assistant project manager and project manager. Each project, while different in size and scope, has one thing in common. Plans must be submitted to the appropriate jurisdictional agencies for processing and review with the ultimate goal of obtaining approved construction permits. It is my belief that time is money and every day that an occupancy permit is delayed, is lost revenue.

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Sue Peck

Sue Peck


My Experience includes over 20 years of marketing and business administration, working extensively with contracts and budgets in civil engineering firms. I also have a background as a business owner working in the area of human resources. Thank you for considering Civil Expediting Services as your representative for plans processing and permitting. We look forward to working with you.

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